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  • Small Business Franchise Opportunities

    Winning With Small Business Franchises

    There is life after cubicle confinement, boardroom boredom and corporate downsizing. So go ahead, fire your boss. Take the helm as a small business franchise owner.

    Small business franchise opportunities abound, which makes it hard for someone looking to start their own business to choose what’s best. If you have little or no experience running a business, a small business franchise opportunity will give you a step up on the competition. You’ll be allowed to use the franchise’s trademark. That’s invaluable in starting a small business franchise. Customers will know who you are as soon as you open your doors. And they’ll be more willing to use a brand they trust. You’ll also get a proven operating system to follow. You won’t have to worry about the pitfalls usually associated with start-ups. You’ll have a ‘how-to’ guide at your fingertips.

    Why A Small Business Franchise?

    Almost all franchises encompass small business opportunities. Each franchisee owns a small business. Combine the experience of hundreds, or even thousands, of franchisees and you get a force to be reckoned with. The single franchisee benefits from the franchisor’s brand recognition, buying power, and success. It may be called a small business franchise opportunity, but it adds up to big business.

    Other Small Business Franchise Benefits

    Training: Franchisors provide extensive training to their new franchisees. And the training includes more than just information about how the operating system works. General business information you’ll need to know is included too.

    Support: Small business franchises care about their franchisees. After all, franchisors are only as successful as their franchisees. You’ll receive corporate support throughout your franchise experience. Also, and sometimes more importantly, you’ll have other franchisees to bounce ideas off and with whom to discuss challenges.

    Liberty – Be Your Own Boss With One Of Life’s Certainties

    You can count on a trusted brand name, comprehensive training, extensive support, and an unparalleled operating system with a Liberty Tax franchise. You’ll also have the additional advantages of low start-up costs and the certainty of taxation, which provide a small business opportunity that’s entrenched in the American way of life. IRS figures show there’s a growing market of taxpayers and over 60% of them will hire a paid professional to prepare their taxes this year. Are you ready to join the Liberty team?