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  • Liberty Tax Franchise Reviews from Franchise Owners and Area Developers.


    Testimonials"I was at a firm and I noticed opportunity in the income tax industry…with the success rates of starting your own business, I figured franchising was the way to go and Liberty Tax® was definitely the choice in the tax industry."
    - Franchisee

    "What excited me about becoming a franchisee is that I can dedicate more time to things like not-for-profit and family, which are just as important to me that I just never could do in the corporate life."
    - Franchisee

    "The system is outstanding. With my background in business I know Liberty brings things to the table that you just can't do on your own."
    - Area Developer

    "The reason Liberty excited me is the way they are going about marketing their product and expanding so rapidly."
    - Franchisee

    "To be able to change people's lives and employ people and do peoples tax returns and give them great service with those principles involved, it's what drives me."
    - Franchisee