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  • Franchise Marketing

    Franchise MarketingLiberty Tax Service® Provides You with Everything You Need

    Marketing at Liberty Tax Service® is a systematic, ongoing, comprehensive and interactive process designed to get and keep customers. The survival and growth of your business in a dynamic and fragmented marketplace is dependent on your marketing efforts. Each element of our marketing system is designed to generate the maximum “top of mind” awareness to potential customers with the goal of growing your business and the Liberty brand.

    Effective Marketing That Reaches Customers

    Building a clientele is not a fast, easy task. The days when a small business owner could hang an "open" sign in the window and wait for customers are gone. No matter how good a product or service is, it won't sell itself. That's why we provide you with exactly the right tools and show you how to use them effectively. Our passionate pursuit of marketing includes our expertise in the areas of guerrilla marketing and neighborhood marketing. The people of Liberty Tax Service are creating an environment and style of doing business that is like no other. We are the leader when it comes to maximizing "top of mind" awareness in your community.

    Our approach to marketing is proof. During tax season (and beyond), we have thousands of individuals across the United States and Canada dress up in Statue of Liberty costumes and act as live advertisements for Liberty Tax. This form of outrageous marketing is paramount to the success of the Liberty Tax Service offices. We host roadside parties and give away hotdogs, coffee, popcorn and even sno-cones! We pull out all the stops to attract customers to our stores and to help our community.

    Throughout the country, franchisees are partnering with local and national non-profits to raise funds and awareness for causes that are near and dear to their hearts. From collecting cell phones for Cell Phones for Soldiers ® to holding appreciation weeks for our community heroes (teachers, law enforcement, etc), our franchisees have a relentless passion for making a positive difference in their communities.

    The Liberty Tax Service Marketing Department develops marketing programs that are tailored to work effectively in the tax industry and to develop the growth of your office. As a franchisee, you will learn about our strategies and techniques and how to effectively use them to your competitive advantage. You will learn how to gain brand recognition, accumulate customers, and most importantly, generate revenue.

    Are You At Liberty To Have Some Fun?

    We are passionate about our pursuit of fun. We are creating a culture in which fun, humor, and playfulness are the low cost antidote to the harmful side effects of the stress and seriousness that pervade a fast growing, world-class business. We believe in giving back to our communities and partnering directly with non-profit organizations. We intend to move this culture through the 21st century as we grow to be the best in the universe. The bottom line is that fun is hard to avoid at Liberty Tax Service.