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  • Franchise Support

    Experience and Proven Track Record

    Franchise SupportThe Liberty Tax franchise opportunity has been developed based on over 600 years of combined experience in the tax preparation industry. Our policies and procedures are tested and proven. The use of the Liberty system provides many positive results, including the ability to build a customer-oriented business and the chance to be an integral player in North America's fastest-growing tax service.

    Continual Team Input and Improvements

    Communication, communication communication… that is our goal and it's one of the most challenging aspects of building a customer-driven organization. We provide our franchisees with many ways to reach Liberty Tax Service.

    Corporate operations are lean, not bureaucratic, which keeps Liberty Tax responsive to the market and to franchisees. Each year, all of our operating systems are reviewed and adjustments contemplated. These new ideas come from people in every area of our franchise system.

    • We welcome the input and knowledge you will bring to our team and encourage all franchisees to participate in our regular and ongoing training programs.
    • Franchisees can discuss all their concerns and ideas with their Area Developer, National Advisory Council representative, at the national convention, or through any other communication channel. You are encouraged to e-mail our CEO John Hewitt at any time.
    • Great ideas are tested, and if their implementation will benefit the entire organization, they are incorporated into the system.
    • The Discussion Board on our intranet, ZeeNet, is another means of franchisee to franchisee and franchisee to headquarters communication.
    Attainment of Mutual Goals

    Your support team provides the system, tools, and concepts you need to be successful as a franchisee. At Liberty Tax, we are a family. Together we accomplish the Liberty Tax mission.

    Set the Standard, Improve Each Day and Have Some Fun!

    Our National Office departments exist for franchisee support. Below is a description of some of our departments:

    Area Developers Operations support, consulting and mentoring; approval of office locations; initial contact for all operations issues
    Franchise Development Information on franchise purchases; screening potential franchisees and contact for entire sales process
    Technical Support Call center for computer and software concerns and tax return processing questions
    Tax Support Tax information support
    Supply Order supplies; vendor contacts
    Marketing Advertising and marketing advice and ad placement
    Training Coordination of training sessions and instruction for franchisees

    Your support team is ready to assist you in establishing and growing your Liberty Tax business. They are your direct liaison to the Liberty National Office. The goal of your support team is to assist you in building a successful business.