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  • Owning a Tax Preparation Franchise Business

    You’re Looking At Tax Preparation Franchises. Why Choose Liberty Tax?

    Liberty Tax is the company to watch, not just in tax preparation franchise terms, but in the business world as a whole. Our corporate team, Area Developers, and franchisees are accessible and down-to-earth. We’re confident in Liberty Tax – the vision as well as the system. At Liberty, you’ll be part of a supportive network and a culture that is progressive and fun.

    What Makes A Liberty Tax Preparation Franchise Business Different?

    Our CEO & Founder – John Hewitt

    John has over 45 years of experience in the tax preparation business, more than any other active CEO in the industry. John began his career at H&R Block as a tax preparer in 1969, and was later promoted to regional director of 250 offices. In 1982, he went on to found Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, which he grew to more than 1,300 offices until it was sold for $483 million in 1997. John’s leadership has made Liberty the third largest tax preparation franchise in only 17 years! In fact, Liberty is the fastest growing tax preparation franchise in the industry.

    Innovative Marketing Tools

    The people at Liberty firmly believe in doing things differently than any other tax preparation franchise. Why pay for media exposure? Our army of Lady Liberty wavers gets a tremendous amount of free advertising for our company. We don’t wait for customers to come to us – we go to them. Our Lady Libertys do more than stand on street corners waving, they also deliver coupons to neighboring businesses, attend community events, and hand out foam crowns to children at day-care centers. It’s a high profile, low cost way of doing business, and it works. New franchisees don Liberty costumes during training and meet the public to get an idea of what a Liberty marketer goes through every day. They are always amazed at the attention they receive from an appreciative public. Lady Liberty instills trust and patriotism. What tax preparation business wouldn’t want those qualities associated with their name?

    We’re Fun

    Being passionate about the tax preparation business is a central theme in owning a Liberty Tax franchise. Buying a Liberty franchise really means buying into a lifestyle and a culture that values hard work and having fun; being empowered and calling the shots; being a leader in a fast-growing tax preparation franchise business. The passion at Liberty Tax Service is contagious!

    Our Mission Statement says it all: Set The Standard; Improve Each Day; Have Some Fun! Liberty balances strong growth, best business practices, social responsibility, and a fulfilling life experience for our franchisees. We’re committed to creating a business system and environment that will be held up as the model for all other tax preparation franchises to emulate.

    Liberty has evolved into a highly spirited, innovative tax preparation franchise with a distinct personality. We are passionate about our pursuit of fun and are creating a culture in which fun, humor, and playfulness are low cost benefits in an industry known for the pressure of that famous looming April 15th deadline.

    How Does Liberty Compare to Other Tax Preparation Franchise Businesses?

    Now is the time to take control of your future. Liberty Tax is setting unprecedented industry records for growth, backed by solid performance. In just 17 years, Liberty Tax Service has opened more than 4,400 offices in the U.S. and Canada.

    Low Operating Costs and High Return

    Liberty Tax offices are designed to run efficiently. Liberty’s support and planning tools keep operating costs low for you. And a seasonal workforce keeps overhead lower than almost any other industry. Since a tax preparation business is a service-based operation, there is low inventory. As a result, you won’t have any worries about inventory loss.

    Liberty is a company on the move, and we’d like you to consider becoming a part of our future.