Joining a franchise is a great small business opportunity that every prospective owner should consider. Opening and operating an establishment is a difficult process that many entrepreneurs struggle to complete, especially during the initial stages. An independent company doesn't receive a great deal of support, but franchisees are usually offered support by the corporation. There are various benefits to becoming part of a large franchise, such as an established customer base, group marketing and shorter development time. 

The customers
The International Franchise Association points out that franchises grant you access to established customer bases from day one. Even if you join a moderately small organization, there's already a group of clients that you can target and with whom you can do business. Many entrepreneurs who start a business independently struggle to generate leads and foster loyalty among clients. It can take months or even years before a small business manages to develop a solid following. 

Consumers are usually interested when franchises open in the local area. Instead of an anonymous establishment, there will already be excitement surrounding your enterprise. Franchises with strong reputations usually have loyal fans, so you can focus on expanding the business rather than generating leads to make ends meet. 

Group marketing
Marketing a small business is a difficult but necessary task. Advertising a company and building brand exposure requires dedication and strong strategies like developing a blog to attract online consumers. Nolo notes that franchisees benefit from group marketing efforts. When the controlling company creates advertisements, it's drawing attention to every branch. Local managers can still develop their own marketing plans, but the group efforts will generate most of the leads. Individual strategies could include ventures like partnering with nearby colleges to target students. 

Shorter development time
According to the Houston Chronicle, franchises usually open faster than other small businesses, with the most complicated companies taking about two weeks to become operational. Many franchises offer both online and onsite training to their partners so you can develop the necessary skills for owning a branch. Additionally, corporations usually offer assistance with opening procedures like promotional events and marketing materials. Independent owners receive virtually no help when getting their organizations off the ground, so franchisees certainly have an advantage during the early days of their businesses. 

These are only a few of the benefits of joining a franchise. Entrepreneurs who want an established business model should consider this route before deciding on their next ventures. 

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