Binge watch·ing: verb- watching multiple episodes of a television series in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming.

Looking for a new addiction this summer? Make it worthwhile by learning a business lesson or two. These hit series will get those entrepreneurial juices flowing and give you insightful business advice. So, if it’s too hot outside and you need a break from work, further your entrepreneurial education with these unforgettable plot lines. 

Game of Thrones

This show centers on the noble families in the mythical land of Westeros and their fight for power and control. This series is known for its political intrigue, unexpected twists, and sex appeal. But underneath all of that, are a few business lessons. With the rotating wheel of power, the conflicts that arise for each ruler demonstrate how, and how not, to manage people. The ruling class illustrate different ways to lead large groups, whether it be inspiring allegiance or instilling fear. Observing the characters and their differences may inspire ways to manage your own team of diverse employees. The plot twists can also be compared to the many obstacles and decisions that entrepreneurs face, as well as the power and loyalty shifts that occur in the business world.


Entourage follows the adventures of an A-list actor, Vincent Chase, and his friends from Queens, NY, who move to Hollywood. The characters are presented with several dilemmas and major career choices throughout the series.  Entourage demonstrates that the people you surround yourself with can contribute to your success. Your “entourage” needs to be supportive, reliable, and trustworthy. These are the people who will be with you during the good times and the bad, and they need to have your best interests in mind.

Parks and Recreation

This sitcom is focused around Leslie Knope, the deputy director of the Parks and Recreation Department, in the fictional town of Pawnee, Ind. Leslie and her staff are dedicated to making the town a better place while dealing with absurd antics and obstacles. As director, Leslie faces many of the same challenges as a business owner, including turning a profit, working with a budget, handling competition, and resolving employee conflicts. Following the residents of Pawnee from beginning to end can help you see different ways to approach situations. Leslie is positive, enthusiastic, innovative and creative, all traits that entrepreneurs should possess. 

House of Cards

This political drama is based on a power-hungry congressman, Frank Underwood, who develops an elaborate plan to gain a higher position and get revenge on those who tossed him aside. Although the show can be a bit extreme, there are still important leadership lessons to take away. For example, always treat your subordinates with respect.

Frank also offers powerful quotes such as, “Power doesn’t sleep in,” and “While you argue the present versus the past, I am making the future.” These two quotes scream entrepreneurial spirit - wake up early, work hard, have a vision, and think big. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen.