When you find good employees, you want to keep them. Employee retention can be a challenge in a competitive industry, but if you make the workplace inviting, you have a better chance of keeping the people who make your business buzz.

Recognize Employees for Their Work

Nothing motivates employees more than a good, old fashioned pat on the back. Give a shout out to hard-working employees during a meeting, send an email, or even a hand-written note.  Recognizing their accomplishments reinforces their value to the company, and encourages them to continue producing top results. 

Host Social Events

Hosting fun events gets people involved and makes them feel more connected. It also gives your employees time to relax and just have fun with one another. Host department mixers, get group tickets to a local baseball game, or have a company picnic. These simple group outings won’t break the bank and they will go a long way toward boosting employee morale.

Allow Casual Dress

Companies that have a less stringent dress code tend to have a more welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Employees value their individuality and comfort. Provide guidelines, but stay practical. No one wants to dress up every day. If you work in an environment where formal dress is necessary, then find days when the office won’t have clients or visitors and allow a casual attire day. You can also have themed days such as jersey days and crazy hat day. This will excite employees by allowing them to wear something special to work.

Offer Workplace Flexibility

Some employees may have a long and stressful commute to work. Parents may have a child home sick or a nanny fall through last minute. Others might just need a day of silence away from the office to concentrate. Whatever the case may be, companies that allow employees to work from home have reported increases in productivity and employee satisfaction. Cisco’s Connected World Technology Report for 2014 revealed that workplace flexibility was ranked as the second most important factor, after salary, when considering a job offer. If employees are interested in working from home, come up with a suitable arrangement that meets both the needs of the company and the employee.