There’s a popular saying: A franchise is ideal for those who want to go into business for themselves, but not by themselves.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, but don’t want to start completely from scratch, a franchise could be the small business opportunity you’re looking for. Check out these 9 benefits of franchise ownership.


  1. Proven Business System

    When you own a franchise, you’ll follow an established business system. Most of the trial and error has been done. You spend your time developing your business.

  2. National Brand Recognition

    One of the biggest obstacles of ownership is building customer loyalty and growing your client base. Depending on the size and success of the franchisor, your brand will already be recognized in the community.

  3. Franchisor Support and Expertise

    This is where the saying “for yourself, not by yourself” comes into play. When you own a franchise business, you can call on experienced professionals and fellow franchisees to collaborate, share ideas and answer questions. There is no price tag on the expertise you have access to and level of support with a franchise.

  4. Marketing Support

    Many franchises have skilled marketing teams and strategies in place to help you attract customers and keep them coming back. Franchise marketing gives you access to more national media coverage and advertising than you would have as an independent business owner.

  5. Training vs. Experience

    If you have experience in your franchise industry, great! If not, most franchisors offer ongoing training, giving you the tools and skills necessary to operate effectively.

  6. Financing Opportunities

    How are you going to fund your business? If you need financial assistance, some franchisors offer their own financing options. Even if your franchisor is not one of them, it is likely to have partnerships with preferred lenders. 

  7. Purchasing Power

    Franchises are powerful. When you own one, you can take advantage of its size and purchasing power to receive lower costs on inventory, supplies and tools to run your business.  

  8. Site Selection Assistance

    When searching for a prime location, franchises often have people dedicated to helping you find the perfect place to set up shop. They can help you maximize your visibility.

  9. Opportunities for Growth and Expansion

    If your mentality is “the sky is the limit,” owning a franchise opens the doors for growth and opportunity. Your potential in the franchise world is limitless.