When researching a franchise opportunity, prospective buyers understand the importance of speaking with franchisors. However, it is not uncommon for franchisees to be worried or nervous about this conversation. Will franchisors push the sale hard or pressure interested individuals to buy? While not all franchise systems will go for the "hard sell," it is key that franchisees know how to speak with franchisors to avoid such a situation.

However, according to Entrepreneur magazine, "The days of high pressure sales people in the franchise business are pretty much over." No longer are franchisors likely to act like a salespeople when prospective franchisees call into ask questions by giving them a standard pitch.

Nowadays, franchisees have a number of resources, such as the Internet, current unit owners and the U.S. Small Business Administration, that they can access to gain information about franchises before even speaking with a system's management. Using these resources prior to speaking with a franchisor can help potential franchisees devise a list of questions that will ultimately help them steer the conversation to what interests them most, the source notes.

Additionally, prospective franchisees will need to remember that clicking with a franchise system on a personal level is equally important. During their tenure with the system, franchisees will need to be able to work closely with upper management to be as successful as possible.

"Keep in mind that what you are trying to find in a franchise is a good match with not only the opportunity but also with the people at the franchise company. If you find that they are pressuring you or not being responsive to your requests for information, it is probably a good clue that this isn't the right franchise for you," Entrepreneur explains.

Franchisees can also discover how franchisors manage the system through speaking with current unit owners. These individuals can refer an interested buyer to staff who can help answer any questions.

But eventually, franchisees will need to bite the bullet and speak directly to the franchisor. However, this should not be a scary task. In fact, in most cases, franchisees will find that it is "a pleasant and informative endeavor and not at all threatening," the magazine writes.

If franchisees still feel intimidated during the process, especially as contracts and legal jargon begin to crop up, it may be a good idea to bring along a lawyer who is well-versed in franchise law.

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