Business Book of the Month - "Driven to Distraction: How to Focus and Be More Productive" by Edward M. Hallowell

Are you losing focus at your business? Do you feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done and find it hard to concentrate? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Luckily, bestselling author Edward M. Hallowell has solutions to overcoming distractions at work. He offers ways to stay focused in his new book, Driven to Distraction: How to Focus and Be More Productive.


In today’s society, it is impossible to eliminate the number of distractions, and if anything they will just continue to grow. The answer is not how to get rid of them, but how to control them. Hallowell shows readers that you must retrain your attention rather than simply make to-do lists or try to multi-task better. He guides readers to reach a more productive and focused mental state by relying on planning, preparation, and technique, even in environments we can’t control.


What You’ll Learn

As a doctor and the world’s leading expert on ADD and ADHD, Hallowell has encountered numerous cases of people who have lost their ability to focus. He has found that many people don’t realize that lack of focus is their underlying problem. Instead they blame themselves for failure and start to believe they are underachievers.

The solution to overcoming this, according to Hallowell, is to first identify and deal with the most common workplace distractions, and secondly to adapt a new set of skills to help you manage attention instead of time. By understanding these distractions and the dynamics of each, you will be able to train your attention and be less likely to fall victim to these mental disruptions – resulting in the achievement of your goals.


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