Running a franchise will always follow some of the same basic principles, no matter where it is located, which franchisor granted it or who is running it. There are protocols that come down from the franchisor that must be followed, as the brand name and image of a franchise will be in place before it is opened and the franchisee is mostly in charge of the day-to-day operations of an individual store or office.

However, beyond that basic framework, there are many different ways that franchisees may run their locations. Of course, no two franchises are run exactly the same way, but general trends and basic models usually develop that make investors and small business owners fall into certain categories. It is important for a potential entrepreneurs to determine their style before investing in a franchise so that they can maximize their efficiency.

Marshaling a sales force
One of the most common ways to keep a franchise running is simply by being the boss. After all - if the franchisor is in charge of merchandise selection, resupplying a store, creating ad campaigns, decorating and equipment procurement, the main task of the franchisee is to select and guide workers. A staff-oriented leadership style highlights hiring, training and supervision as the most important tasks to be done.

Execute commands
Sometimes, the best thing that a franchisee can do is to fulfill the requirements of a franchise agreement. This means interpreting and executing the commands that come down from a franchisor. This leadership style requires little in the way of outside-the-box thinking and is good for entrepreneurs who are skilled at following directions and keeping things generally in order.

The innovator is always looking for ways to improve the way that a store or office runs. Of course, it is important to remain within the strictures of a franchise agreement and always fulfill the obligations that franchisor has set forth. However, an innovator looks to tweak anything that can be tweaked. Perhaps she takes the initiative to do a little bit of extra marketing on the side, or perhaps decorating is her forte. Whatever the case may be, ambitious and creative people typically fall into this category.

Wild card
There are those rare individuals who know that they are effective workers and leaders but do not know exactly what their strengths are. Perhaps they feel out situations before attempting to change things, but they may also be good at following directions. Knowing a leadership style that one will be successful at is helpful before pursing a franchise, but it is by no means a requirement.

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