Small business owners who want to expand the scope and range of their companies often turn to franchising as a way to safely increase sales without needing to micromanage every single element of each store. Franchising is a great method for making a business grow, but it requires a lot of planning, thought and most of all, character judgment.

Choosing a franchisee needs to be done carefully so that an owner knows that his slowly-changing organization is in good hands during an important transitional phase. In many ways, a franchisor passes the torch of store management to the next generation of overseers, and it can be a nerve-wracking experience. A business is like a child to some people, and in the same way that watching kids leave the nest is bittersweet, so is setting a franchise free. Consider the following qualities in the people who apply to be surrogate owners.

Good with staff
The primary duty of any franchise owner will be to marshal her staff. Besides customer service, the most influential role that a franchisee plays is as a judge of character and work ethic. Franchisees will hire all the front-of-house and point-of-sale employees that customers will actually interact with, so their bosses need to be chosen very carefully.

Premises management
Besides the in-house staff that offer service, the most salient view that customers have of a company is the store or office itself. The condition of that setting will inform so many consumer opinions, so it is crucial for franchisees to be capable of maintaining a well-kept store that is the pride of the company. Otherwise, despite poor conditions being solely the work of one person, the entire image of a franchise's parent company will be ruined.

One of the most important reasons to agree to sell a franchise to the best candidates is that down the road, they could be valuable employees. Some of the best advice and most prudent suggestions come from people who know a company inside and out. There's no one better than a former franchisee to come in and help expand an organization even further when a company gets to that point. Part of the stress of a pre-franchise small business comes from the owner being in charge of every single aspect. Former successful franchisees can help ease some of the burden that the managers of growing businesses face.

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