Straight out of college, most young graduates enter the job force or pursue higher degrees. However, reports that a growing number of young people are investing their time and energy into buying and running their own franchise opportunity while still in their 20s.

Age can pose unique challenges for young franchisees, including managing a huge learning curve and obtaining funding. While many young owners feel very comfortable speaking with customers and providing a quality product, the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day tasks can trip them up. However, by utilizing the knowledge and experience of family members, franchisors and fellow franchisees, success can be had.

Youth also brings a unique perspective to opening a franchise that can help owners really understand their potential customers - especially those businesses that target a younger clientele - and give them a huge advantage over the competition.

“I was in the customer’s shoes right before I opened my own business,” Justin Kopelman, a twenty-something franchisee of Pita Pit, told the Web site. “I know what they want, how they want to be served, and what they expect.”

College graduates are also encouraged to gain experience and focus on learning management skills for a few years before investing in a franchise. R. Prince of Associated Content advises young franchisees to work in a franchise similar to one they would like to own, acquiring managerial experience.

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