Because small companies want to drive repeat business, it is necessary to create a memorable customer experience. Writing for Entrepreneur magazine, Sydney Barrows recently discussed ways to get the most out of a small business opportunity by getting customers to feel good.

Attentiveness is the first key factor Barrows mentions, using the example of New York restaurateur Danny Meyer. At Meyer's restaurants, employees are "trained to notice, and when appropriate act on, even the tiniest scraps of information they observe or discover about a guest."

Closely related is recognition, which can be as simple as greeting customers by name. Taking steps to personalize the customer experience adds to the sense of a relationship between the business and its clients.

Consideration is also important, says Barrows. This could mean having employees hold the door for customers or making sure the business is easily accessible. Showing appreciation for clientele by giving them access to special offers can also go a long way. Finally, Barrows says businesses should try to create delight by finding ways to make customers smile.

One of the best tools a company can use to reach out to its clients and create a memorable experience is social media. The Savannah Morning News recently said that connecting with customers via the web can create stronger relationships and provide an opportunity for businesses to hear valuable feedback.

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