The success of a franchise opportunity relies on a number of factors: quality customer service, an in-demand product or service and employees who share a franchisee's passion for business.

However, just because employees believe wholeheartedly in a product, service or system, it doesn't mean they excel at every aspect of the job. In fact, some requirements of the position may even cause workers anxiety, nervousness or fear.

"Fear comes from the unknown and it is a psychological response to a perceived threat. You can chip away at this fear by creating a sales process and following some simple steps that give you confidence in your own skills," said Dave Mattson, CEO of Sandler Training, according to

Mattson goes on to outline five steps to help franchisees and their employees conquer their fear of selling: recognize that selling is a science, create a new social script, practice before meeting prospects, keep emotions out of the equation and "catch a psychological wind."

The first step, seeing the process as a science rather than an art or talent, teaches franchise employees to approach sales in a practical way. Mattson writes that the most successful salesmen see selling as a numbers game, tracking and monitoring each interaction with a client to find a process that works for them.

Part of this process requires workers to forget common social lessons they may have learned as a child, such as "don't talk to strangers" or "don't discuss money matters," Mattson explains. Instead, franchisees and their employees will need to be prepared to have frank discussions with prospective clients to identify how their businesses can best serve them.

This doesn't mean franchisees should walk into client meetings unprepared. Research on a unit's target audience will go a long way in ensuring a profitable relationship for both parties.

Preparation will also help franchisees and salesmen keep from getting too emotional. "The more familiar you are with your pitch and the information that you need to share with your prospects, the more confident you will feel," Mattson tells the source. "Always visualize a positive outcome before every sales meeting."

The last step comes as a byproduct of following the first four: continued success and confidence. Routines can help franchisees break down their fears and make sales, and once success is experienced, sales anxiety will likely fall to the wayside.

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