A franchise opportunity is what you make of it - those who put in the work necessary to be successful will often be rewarded, while others who ignore the potential their business endeavors provide risk short- and long-term issues.

John Rotche, a veteran franchise executive who has worked with several nationally recognized companies, recently outlined a few ways franchisees can enjoy success from day one. While it's usually difficult to reap rewards from the outset, Rotche told The Street that the best franchisees typically follow established systems. Processes are commonly established to provide guidelines for franchisees, and people who follow these rules increase the likelihood that they will be successful.

Rotche offers other tips to franchisees, including the following.

1. Recognize the value of technology
Business transparency is essential for success, and Rotche points out that social media might play a significant role in this.

It's possible for franchisees to use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to increase their clientele. Meanwhile, social networks offer cost-effective marketing solutions because these platforms are free.

Franchisees who stay up-to-date on technology might be able to stay ahead of their competitors and enjoy substantial profits.

2. Avoid rookie mistakes
First-time franchisees are often prone to rookie mistakes, but business professionals who understand these common problems can take steps to avoid such issues.

Rotche emphasizes the importance of following a system established by franchisors, and states that is it counter-intuitive for franchisees to make their own processes. While franchisees may have questions along the way, these professionals can refer to a franchise handbook and try to contact the franchisor directly for guidance.

Meanwhile, franchisees should evaluate business endeavors as long-term opportunities. Becoming a franchisee is exciting, and those who are interested for the long haul can focus on the details necessary to make their companies successful for extended periods of time.

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