Like any small business, franchise opportunities depend on a successful team of employees. While it may seem natural to many business-minded individuals to search for and hire employees after signing a franchise agreement, it will actually benefit prospective franchisees to have their team ready to go before starting their franchise.

Having a team in place when preparing to sign the franchise agreement signals to franchisors that franchisees mean business.

"The franchisor needs to know how the franchisee intends to operate their franchise before completing the franchise transaction," the Web site Franchise Know How writes.

When franchisees set out to find and hire those individuals to fill key roles within the unit structure, they should begin by identifying the functions and responsibilities a unit requires to operate. Franchisees should ask themselves what positions are critical to the unit and if one, two or more employees will be needed to fill these roles.

Once these roles have been identified, it is time for franchisees to determine how they will go about the recruiting process, the Web site explains. For example, what channels will they advertise through? Or do franchisees already have specific individuals in mind?

While it is important to fill these roles, franchisees must also keep their financial situations in mind. Can they afford to fill every position at the same time? If not, franchisees should prioritize the roles and hire according to this list. However, franchisees should be aware that failing to bring on key individuals right away could hamper operations.

Similarly, franchisees need to create a plan for how these workers will be compensated. They can use a performance-based model that includes bonuses and incentives. This structure may even help attract motivated individuals and high performers.

When filling these roles, prospective franchisees rarely consider what will happen if someone quits or moves on. However, according to Franchise Know How, it is important to have a contingency plan for just such situations.

"The smaller the business, the more valuable employees can be to the franchise and the more difficult it can be to replace them," the Web site writes.

Additionally, once these employees have been hired, it is important to provide them with adequate training. Many franchisors offer programs to help franchisees make sure their workers are prepared for opening day.

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