Prospective buyers know that when researching a franchise opportunity they will need to consider a system's legal and financial histories, as well as marketing plans and franchisee support. However, sometimes franchisees forget their is another side to evaluate: themselves.

To be fully prepared to open a franchise unit and give themselves the greatest opportunity for success, prospective franchisees will need to evaluate their mental and physical health, asking themselves if they are ready to work like a maniac. As the Web site AllBusiness writes, "The only people who do not work like fiends for the first several years are those who are on their way to failure."

While owning a franchise is a great way for experienced businesspeople to begin a new role as their own boss, there are many responsibilities that accompany this privilege. To help potential franchisees be fully prepared for their new daily duties, AllBusiness listed more than 10 tasks that owners can expect to face on any given day, including interviewing, hiring and firing employees; calculating royalty payments; designing marketing brochures, ads and coupons and keeping an eye on the competition.

In sum, franchisees will be very busy people who will benefit from being as healthy as possible. The Web site suggests that when buyers are preparing to sign on the dotted line they get a complete physical. Getting sick as a first-year franchisee can have disastrous effects on a franchise opportunity.

"You can't foresee everything when it comes to health, but do all you can to stay healthy … Plan for what happens if you do become injured or sick. If you have no one to back you up in your business, that should give you great pause … Plan, plan, plan, because once you buy into your business, and the train is moving, stopping is a very costly option," AllBusiness explains.

Another aspect of being healthy is staying fit. Regular exercise will help owners prepare for the more physical role they will undertake as their own boss. Most franchises are not desk jobs, and owners will be doing more things for themselves than others may have done for them previously. As a result, maintaining a schedule of exercise and a good diet will be key to franchisee well-being.

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