Like any small business opportunity, a franchise's success is greatly determined by its employees. However, hiring workers is not a one-size-fits-all process for all businesses - there are a few unique issues that a franchisee will have to handle when searching for employees.

Franchises that don't require any additional employees are few and far between, so staffing the business becomes of paramount concern in the days before opening. Hiring just anyone who walks into an interview is never a good idea, especially in a franchise.

Oftentimes, a franchise will require highly specialized skills from its workers. A good place to begin when looking for employees is to pull resumes of applicants with prior franchise experience, whether that is within the same company or with a franchise competitor. These applicants will likely be more familiar with "the sometimes rigid policies required by the franchisor," Franchise Know-How writes.

Additionally, employees with previous experience in franchising will better understand how a franchise works and the importance of thinking as a team.

There are a few practices franchisees should avoid - or, at the very least, be wary of.

Saving money is always a consideration when running any business, but it should not come at the expense of the franchise. When it comes to hiring a staff, franchisees should remember that they get what they pay for - hiring the least experienced applicants because they will accept the lowest pay is not a good way to invest in the business or pursue success, the website MyFranchiseCenter says.

Additionally, many new franchisees may be tempted to hire family or friends. While this can sometimes turn out great, it also carries significant risks. Family and friends may be trusted, but this does not mean they will have the same stake in the business or feel as motivated to work hard, the site writes. When a family member proves to be a bad employee, it can be a difficult decision to let them go.

After hiring employees, many franchisors provide training opportunities or programs that will equip employees with the knowledge and skills to be effective in their jobs and contribute to the overall success of the entire franchise system. Additionally, franchisees should research what assistance franchisors supply - many offer recruiting assistance or employee leads, Franchise Know-How writes.

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