A company's workforce directly influences its reputation, customer acquisition and retention rate and overall level of success. So when you're taking advantage of a franchise opportunity, it's natural to place a great deal of attention on hiring the right people. A good employee can put customers at ease and bring with them an energy and experience level that leads to innovation and a fun work culture. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a worker whose performance is poor can adversely impact a company and make it more challenging to build a positive reputation within the community.

To avoid this scenario and start off on the right food, there are several steps new franchise owners can take to narrow down their applicant pool and find top talent to help contribute to their establishment.

1. Create a detailed job description
The job description is the first thing prospective workers will see, so it's important to draft it in a way that appeals to those with the skills and qualifications you're seeking. Rather than listing vague and mundane job descriptions, keep it fun and engaging, and highlight the opportunities to work in an entrepreneurial atmosphere. This may help call attention to the types of creative and energetic workers that franchise owners want working for them.

2. Expand the job search
Many new business owners may use only one method of posting jobs, such as recruitment websites, newspapers or social media. However, they may find that they attract a wider applicant pool by utilizing all of these channels to reach a broader variety of people.

3. Focus on previous franchise experience
While working for another franchise in the past does not guarantee a good employee, it can help. It pays to be selective about the work history of an employee, so owners should ask about the specific responsibilities the applicant carried out in the last position, the type of atmosphere they are seeking out now and the reason they left their former job. This may give owners more insight into the aspirations and character of their applicant base.

4. Develop a comprehensive training program
Hiring a talented applicant does not always translate into success unless franchise owners also have a good training program in place. Creating a comprehensive and tailored program that focuses on the unique skills that are needed to carry out job tasks can help ensure that workers are best equipped to do their jobs.

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