Halloween is approaching and with all of the excitement surrounding this day, you may see a little less work and a bit more play. Don’t whip out those fangs just yet; allowing some fun on this day won’t hurt. In fact, Halloween can provide several benefits around the office like team building, boosting morale, increasing engagement, and creating traditions. To put your team in a festive mood, we’ve put together a list of Halloween ideas to make your office the ultimate holiday zone.


Ominous Offices and Creepy Cubes

Host a contest for the best decorated work space. Give away prizes for best theme, scariest, and most creative, and promote team building by encouraging employees to decorate. Publicize the contest and set guidelines and rules, making it clear that decorations should not be offensive or cause an obstruction in the work environment. Provide inexpensive supplies like colored paper, streamers, cob webs, tape etc., which can usually be found at the Dollar Store. Allow everyone to walk around to check out the displays and then let everyone vote!


Costumed Coworkers

Who doesn’t love to dress up on Halloween? Halloween costumes let employees show their creative side. If you’re in an office that has frequent visitors or client meetings, reserve the last hour or two of the day for everyone to change into costume and have a get-together in the conference or break room.


Potluck Party

Organize a potluck lunch and have everyone sign up for what they’d like to bring. Hosting a Halloween party is a good way to get everyone together to socialize and take a break during the work day.


Vanish and Volunteer

Arrange a group from the office to go out and volunteer. Find opportunities to give back and have some fun. Many communities host Halloween events like parades and festivals. Contact local hospitals to see if you can visit in your costumes to pass out candy or find out if local churches or charities are hosting food/clothing drives. Not only does this help others, it also serves as a way to establish a community presence for your business.



Trick-or-treating isn’t just for kids – adults love candy, too! Schedule some time during the day to allow employees to walk around to each office or cubical and collect Halloween treats. For larger companies, this is a good way for employees to branch out of their department and meet new people. If employees are dressed up, this is also a good way to get a look at all the costumes.


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