While their dogged determination is impressive, many Millenials lack a certain level of business experience and acumen that could make managing a franchise unit a much more difficult enterprise for them than those twice their age. This fact has provoked many prospective franchisees and franchisors to ask: How can you tell if someone is too young to own a franchise?

A recent article on the website AllBusiness.com explores this very issue. First, it notes that franchises offer a very special opportunity for individuals, especially those in their 20s. While many recent college graduates hope to run their own businesses one day, a franchise can help them get their foot in the door of the business world.

Franchises offer a network of support and training that is just not possible or available when starting an independent business, and for young entrepreneurs, this can help them temper much of the risk of launching a small business.

"A lot of recent [college] graduates are considering franchising as an alternative to graduate school, because the amount of money you need to invest is similar," Jennifer Kushell, a global expert on young adults in the work force, and president and co-founder of ysinteractive and ysn.com, told the website.

Additionally, the site points out that this generation has closer ties to family, meaning that they often turn to parents for advice. In the franchising world this can translate into help cosigning or financing a franchise as well as staffing the unit.

There are significant hurdles that young prospective franchisees will need to consider as well, the site points out. Financing, whether or not an individual has parental support, can be very difficult. Young Millenials may have limited credit and be graduating with a significant amount of debt due to college loans. Before making such a large monetary commitment, young franchisees will want to make sure they have a support system in place to succeed.

Many customers and members of the business community may also judge a franchisee solely by their age, believing them to be naive and lacking business experience. Fortunately, young franchisees can overcome these biases by taking advantage of the skills that are unique to their generation, i.e. those involving technology.

Young franchisees have a significant advantage when it comes to new digital tools such as mobile and social media, which, if leveraged wisely, can give them an edge over older, more traditional competitors.

In the end, determining who is right for a franchise should be done on an individual basis. Research, reflection and speaking with current and past franchisees will be the best way to prepare for ownership, no matter an individual's age.

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