How to market a franchise with viral tweets

After you start a business, creating a social media marketing presence should be one of your top priorities. Websites like Pinterest and Facebook are great channels for reaching out to consumers and generating high-quality leads. Twitter may actually be the best social network for marketing because it allows you to converse directly with users, while other sites mostly lack this function. Additionally, tweets can go viral to expose your franchise to new prospects. You can't force users to share your message to help you go viral, but there are two steps that can help put the odds in your favor. 

Be natural
Users understand that they'll see promotional content by following a business on Twitter. Most of these messages are put through optimization procedures to ensure that the best versions will go live. Well-written tweets are great for maintaining a brand's image online, but they often lack personality and consumers know when companies are being disingenuous. The key to going viral isn't refining a tweet until it's perfect - it's writing something original that doesn't seem entirely promotional. 

For instance, Inc. Magazine recently reported that Divshot, a web development firm, earned approximately 6,000 tweets and 1,000 new customers based on an update they published on April Fool's Day. The message was a joke that celebrated the spirit of the holiday, but there wasn't an extensive development process before it was published. 

"We didn't sit around for hours brainstorming what might make a great April Fool's gag," Michael Bleigh, Divshot's co-founder and CEO, told the news source. "I randomly thought of the idea, pitched it to the team and got an immediately positive response."

Bleigh's strategy highlights the benefits of giving your franchise a personality on Twitter. If your tweets read like they've been written by an actual person - not a business intent on constantly advertising - the messages are more likely to go viral. 

Provide substance
Additionally, users ignore tweets that don't offer any substantive value. If a post is only promotional, then consumers likely won't see any benefit in responding or sharing. To provide worthwhile content, Entrepreneur Magazine recommends using news, scam warnings, instructions, contests or discounts. All of these options actively engage users and are more informative than basic advertisements. Franchisees can easily use contests and discounts to go viral. For instance, telling users they'll be entered in a drawing or giveaway for retweets can motivate people to share the  messages with their contacts. 

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