Taking advantage of a franchise opportunity is one thing, but making it a successful company is another. Good business owners are said to put certain strategies in place that add to the success of their companies, and knowing what they are can help new franchise owners build a reputable and profitable company from the ground up.

First and foremost, franchise owners should create goals for their company and develop a strategy for meeting them. Setting certain benchmarks, whether it relates to a company's finances or building a customer base, gives owners and employees a goal to work toward, according to Entrepreneur.com. In addition, it allows them to track their progress and pinpoint specific actions or inactions that may negatively impacting their ability to reach their goals. Setting benchmarks also allows owners to incentivize workers and develop training programs and workshops to help employees meet these goals.

Second, it's important to know how to communicate with customers, employees and business partners. Being able to effectively market and advertise products, motivate workers and form close relationships with vendors and suppliers can help owners create an atmosphere of trust and loyalty among all parties involved in the business process.

Third, business owners should make sure all their safety nets are in place. Even the most successful company can be weakened by legal or insurance issues. Owners should make sure they fully understand all of their contracts, have sufficient insurance and develop security systems to protect their employees' and customers' data. This can lower a company's liability and help protect their reputation if problems arise.

Keeping track of financial records, cash flows, revenue projections and invoicing is also crucial to any good business. Purchasing software systems to help keep records organized and hiring or working with accountants, tax preparers and other financial professionals can help owners mitigate potential issues and keep a handle on their company's finances. In addition, it's important to take inventory of all records on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis to catch possible miscalculations or errors before they become problems.

Good business owners also anticipate potential problems that may arise and develop contingency plans for dealing with them. The ability to create a cash windfall to cover emergencies and develop other solutions to common problems can help owners manage their risk and respond to issues quickly.

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