As a franchisee, you frequently reach out to your employees for feedback. These staff members are valuable contributors, and as a result, you rely on them to help your firm improve its everyday operations. 

Meanwhile, these professionals might seek your recommendations and suggestions as well. A company official who keeps in contact with his or her workers could benefit from one-on-one meetings and group discussions, as these gatherings may allow a business leader to receive valuable feedback from team members.

It can sometimes be difficult for company administrators to be honest with employees, especially for franchisees who are running businesses for the first time. A calm, cool and collected business official, however, can ensure that he or she provides valuable feedback to staff members whenever they request it.

Help team members build their skill sets
Entrepreneur magazine contributor Nadia Goodman points out that workers who want to earn promotions may approach their supervisors to discuss their career goals. While these situations might appear difficult to many business administrators at first, a confident franchisee can help his or her employees achieve significant milestones.

If a worker possesses only some of the qualifications to advance within an organization, a company leader should explain what this employee still has to do to earn a promotion. Recognize this team member's work ethic and outline how he or she can grow with your company. 

Leadership consultant Joseph Folkman notes that the discussion between a manager and an employee about a worker's career opportunities can be simple for both parties. In fact, a supervisor who asks the right questions could help this employee become a valuable contributor to a business for years to come.

"Your goal is to understand where the person is coming from and where [he or she hopes] to go," Folkman told the news source.

Treat workers with respect
An employee who trusts a company's leaders is more likely to come forward when he or she has questions. To build strong partnerships with workers, a franchisee can reach out to team members regularly for recommendations and suggestions.

Business leaders should treat workers with respect and interact with them in the same way they would with other members of the corporate world. A comfortable work environment should feature skilled managers and team members, and company officials who devote the necessary resources to developing a collaborative workplace could profit for extended periods of time. Give your workers the respect they deserve every day, and these professionals may help your company grow exponentially. 

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