Investing in a franchise opportunity has long been an appealing and popular option for business-minded individuals looking for independence and a successful model to build on. However, just because a prospective franchisee is interested in owning a unit does not mean they want to be the person in the kitchen or at the front desk handling the day-to-day minutiae of the business.

Instead, these franchisees often choose to hire a unit manager, allowing them to take care of big picture details while someone else oversees the store's daily operations such as managing hourly employees. Furthermore, this position ensures that a franchise unit is operating at maximum efficiency.

"It's this 'point man' who often wields the knowledge and power that can significantly affect a franchisee's bottom line," the website explains.

However, this can be a tough job for anyone to handle, requiring a franchisee to pay especial attention to keeping his or her manager motivated and prevent them from feeling burned out or overworked. Fortunately, there are a few ways that franchisees can make sure that managers continue to be on top of their game.

First, with any job, it is important that an individual's responsibilities are clearly defined. If managers don't know what is expected of them, they can hardly be expected to live up to a franchisee's expectations. Like hourly employees, tasks and jobs should be outlined and prioritized. This will also make future evaluations all the more easier.

While hourly employees have a set amount of time they are expected to work, managers' days may not be so straightforward and success measured so easily, the source notes. As a result, it is important that franchisees establish short-term goals for their managers. These goals can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis.

Finally, managers need to feel valued. Sometimes they may end up shouldering an extra burden or working extra hours during a month. To prevent them from feeling overworked and unrecognized, franchisees should make sure to set up a rewards model, even if it is just complimenting them on their work.

Many franchisees are unable to offer monetary incentives at this time due to the recession. However, some are getting creative when it comes to motivating their team. For example, a number of small business owners offer wellness incentives, host company dinners or have even instituted monthly book clubs for employees.

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