Sometimes a franchise opportunity feels like a great investment for potential owners, but the idea of running the company alone is a bit unnerving. In this case, they may turn to an operating partner for help. says that as long as a partner relationship is well-managed, it can provide definite advantages.

When working with a partner, the site says that it's important to set up some kind of system to decide who has the final word on a decision, because both people won't agree on everything. Partners can either turn to a designated third party to break the tie or decide to give one person final say over specific operations such as marketing.

Having an operating partner can also be an advantage simply because it means there are two people to share the responsibilities. According to the site, one partner can work to manage the store while other works to raise its visibility. Having another person to help run the company can also be helpful in the case of a family emergency.

A partner can also be helpful if a franchise owner decides to expand into more locations, according to the International Franchise Association. This means that when a second location opens, the partners don't need to worry about trying to find a capable manager to oversee it.

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