When investing in a franchise opportunity, most franchisees will be satisfied to run and maintain one unit. It provides a challenge for any entrepreneur; from scouting a location to keeping employees motivated and reaching out to new audiences, a franchisee's work is never done.

However, some franchisees are not satisfied with just one unit - or even two, three or four within a system. In this case, where an investor's skills are highly advanced, some may consider opening several franchise units across several different brands.

"Multiconcept franchising is a solution for certain types of franchisors and franchisees," John Hayes, a franchise expert, told Entrepreneur. "Most are happy with one business - and why not? If it's profitable and enjoyable, who needs more? Well, there's always someone who wants more, and multiconcept franchising fills the need."

In the past, this arrangement would have been frowned upon, as franchisors typically demand 100 percent brand loyalty. However, multiconcept franchisees are now being actively courted by some franchisors for their creativity and juggling abilities.

Different franchises require different approaches, technology and, oftentimes, different types of employees. However, through managing different brands and multiple units, they are more sophisticated entrepreneurs with a shorter learning curve and a higher unit average volume, the source notes.

"In the old days, people were more defensive about franchisees being poached by other systems," said Lane Fisher, a partner at the franchise law firm FisherZucker and a board member of the International Franchise Association. "The world was centered around area development deals and franchisees opening multiple units of the same franchise.

"But as the economy shrunk, area development came out of vogue," he adds, "and the big multi-unit operators of other franchise systems became primary prospects for other franchises."

However, not every franchisee is cut out to be a multiconcept, or even a multiunit, owner. While the startup process may grow easier as franchisees gain more experience, seeing as they will already have the infrastructure for expansion in place - including construction professionals, real estate developers and vendorsnot everyone is prepared to manage and juggle multiple units, employees and franchisors.

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