While franchisors provide new and prospective franchisees with support in finding a location and obtaining financing to secure it, they can't do everything. For this reason, new franchisees will need to be prepared to negotiate the best deal on their lease agreement for their franchise opportunity.

Not everyone may have the innate skills to be considered a talented or natural negotiator. However, there are a few tips that franchisees can employ to get the best rate out of seasoned real estate professionals and brokers.

First, though, franchisees will need to understand and recognize the motives and goals of those individuals with whom they will be negotiating. "Knowledgeable real estate agents and brokers are specialized sales people. Their job is to sell franchise tenants on leasing their location at the highest possible rental rate," Dale Willerton writes for the website Franchising.com.

This means that when a franchisee walks into a negotiation, they must enter with the goal of winning. Approaching real estate professionals or landlords with a lack of knowledge or confidence may give off an appearance that franchisees can be easily trampled on. Instead, Willerton suggests that franchisees look to negotiate aggressively.

Furthermore, he points out that professionals have a stake in coming to an agreement as well. A franchisee who signs a lease with their company or location means a sizable commission for said professional.

With this in mind, franchisees should feel as if they have the upper hand and, thus, should be prepared to walk away from a deal that doesn't accord to their needs. However, Willerton urges franchisees to be careful - a good deal may be too good to be true. Franchisees may end up with excellent rental rates but also be located in a poor area.

Lastly, franchisees should never come to the table unprepared and without a certain degree of information on the lease provider's other properties and tenants.

"Gathering information about what other tenants are paying for rent or what incentives they received will position you to get a better deal. Ask the right questions. Consider that your landlord and his agent know what every other tenant in the property is paying in rent, so you must do your homework too," Willerton writes.

Tenants are not the only ones that should be researched, though. Smart franchisees will look at rent prices as a whole in the surrounding, as well as the level of business they can expect from the community.

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