The New Year doesn’t just mean new beginnings. It also means refocusing your goals with efforts to take your business or career to the next level. If you’re starting a small business or looking to move into senior leadership with your current job, the beginning of the year is critical for success. Here are five resolutions to motivate you in 2016.



“No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit.” -Andrew Carnegie

Sometimes leaders just need to lead. Managers often feel a need to do the work themselves, however delegating tasks has its benefits. Distributing the work load will not only give you time to focus on other important matters, but it will also free up time for planning, and can empower your team members. The skills they are able to utilize will help them improve themselves and the organization.

The award winning Worksmart series has an excellent book on this topic to give you a hand. The Busy Manager's Guide to Delegation explains that delegation is more than passing off work. It also shows you a five step process for effective delegation.



“Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!” -Mari Smith

Many people realize that marketing is key to success, but don’t think they have the resources available to do it effectively. There are tools available that can do the heavy lifting for you. To handle areas outside of your expertise, research marketing freelancers and hire based on your company’s needs. The investment you make in marketing can pay great dividends. To get started, contact the local chapter of the American Marketing Association to find qualified experts in your area.



“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” -John C. Maxwell

Mentoring is essential to everyone in the business world. Whether you’re a mentor or being mentored by someone else, there is a lot that can be gained like building loyalty and knowledge. By developing a mentorship program, you can increase the productivity in your company.


Customer Service

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” -Damon Richards

Customer service is the great equalizer in business. Even if your competition has more resources than you, you can level the playing field by providing outstanding customer service. Internal and external customers are key to the success of your business, so attention should be paid to them.

There is no secret to customer service. The key is to build a relationship with your customer. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers their opinion of your business. By spending time learning about your customer’s needs, you can also improve other areas of your business.


Community Involvement

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." -Winston Churchill

According to a study by Cone Communications and Echo Research, 82% of consumers in the U.S. consider corporate social responsibility when choosing a company to work with. Giving back to your community helps uplift company morale and bring employees together.

If you need help finding opportunities for your company, contact the Hands On Network. They can align your needs with groups looking for your specialty in the community. 


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