For new entrepreneurs, guerrilla marketing tactics can be one of the best ways to advertise their business. These techniques typically don’t cost a lot of money to implement, and they utilize the creative energy that many young entrepreneurs and franchise owners bring to their businesses. With the right guerrilla marketing ideas, you can really catch the attention of potential leads for your franchise. Once you get how it works, you can begin snagging leads with online guerrilla marketing techniques and ideas.

Envisioning Creative Marketing Ideas

Guerrilla advertising is not a new concept. It has been written and lectured about in business programs since at least the 1980’s. But advancements in technology are continually making guerrilla marketing even more effective. Of course, unique marketing ideas are not solely in the domain of online marketing strategies. Many successful campaigns have been implemented using art, graffiti, public spaces, or live events. Guerrilla marketing online, however, can offer the most cost-effective ways to get creative with your marketing plan.

The idea behind this online marketing strategy is to mimic the unexpected tactics that guerrilla fighters use to get an advantage in warfare despite their financial disadvantage, such as ambushes, sabotage, and other elements of surprise. It is the perfect analogy for a business trying to get attention amongst the ranks of large, established companies with bigger marketing budgets.

So, if you can take your target audience by surprise, you may just make an impression on them that keeps your company in their minds, even without a budget that allows you to infiltrate television commercials on a regular basis. In fact, guerrilla marketing strategies may be even more effective than conventional advertising. That’s because consumers have become accustomed to TV and radio commercials, and may even tune most of them out or just skip them altogether with DVR and streaming technologies.

Best Guerrilla Marketing Practices

Guerrilla marketing is particularly well suited to small businesses and franchise marketing. But the difficulty is coming up with the right marketing campaign ideas. There is really no wrong way to do guerrilla marketing. You can take the concept anywhere, but there are a few best practices that will increase your chance of success.

First, think of ideas that are disruptive and not entirely authorized. You, of course, want to avoid breaking any laws, like CAN-SPAM laws for email. But if you can find a sneaky (and legal) way to get around rules or guidelines, the disruption often catches people’s attention. You don’t necessarily have to break official rules. Instead, think of breaking the “rules” for current trends in web design or mailing lists. Do something that no one else is doing!

Second, you want the guerrilla marketing strategies that you select to be “sticky.” That is, they should be something that causes people to keep thinking of what they saw and spreading the story. And stories can spread quickly online.

One of the best guerrilla marketing examples is The Blair Witch Project. The film was made by several recent university film program graduates with minimal budget and one camera. But despite its humble origins, the film grossed over $248 million worldwide. How did they reach this success? They started an online rumor about a fictitious legend. Then they set up a website to support the story. By the time the film was complete, they already had thousands of fans who wanted to see it.

Getting Started With Online Marketing Strategies

When it comes to the best guerrilla marketing campaigns, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of time looking at what others are doing. Once a particular tactic has been used, it can lose its efficacy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use existing ideas. The key is using what is available in unexpected ways. Here are some tips for getting started with internet marketing strategies.

  • Utilize existing groups. If your business has a following on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, find a way to break out of your usual posting routine to catch the attention of your audience. You can do this with things like free giveaways for those who respond to your post within a specific timeframe. LinkedIn also allows you to create special interest groups that work perfectly for such a strategy.
  • Create your own videos. You don’t need a huge budget to make a commercial. Many people have shown that online media platforms can spread the word about a new talent or business just as well, if not better, than national television commercials.
  • Hold a free webinar or other online event. You can do anything you want with the content of a webinar. And the people attending are usually already interested in the information your business provides. If you can make a big enough impression, you can get terrific word-of-mouth advertising from the attendees.

These ideas can get you started with guerrilla marketing for your franchise. Remember to think big and keep the costs down, both for you and your potential leads. If you are hosting a webinar or giving out an informational product, offer these for free. The purpose of these marketing techniques is to gain more brand awareness so your leads will eventually convert to brand fans who regularly purchase your products or services. Make your marketing campaign look fun and spontaneous, and watch the leads start rolling in!

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