Marketing is a priority for many entrepreneurs after they start a business. After all, success isn't possible without reaching new consumers and generating leads. Search engine optimization is an emerging marketing trend that can help franchisees build brand awareness. Simply, SEO is the practice of adapting web content so that a site ranks highly on Google, Bing or any other search engine. The strategy isn't an exact science, but has proven useful for many businesses. Unlike other advertising tactics, SEO is cost-effective and can be easily managed by in-house personnel. 

If you want to increase your franchise's online presence, consider the following SEO tips. The hints will bolster your search ranking so consumers can easily find your company's website. 

Watch for repeated content
Search engines reward businesses with unique content on their sites. While there will always be some duplicated features, you should avoid recycling elements on multiple pages. If you consistently reuse content, you'll be punished by bein
g buried under other dozens or hundreds of other search listings. 

Search Engine Watch recommends reviewing your site for duplicate content, such as headings and keywords. The news source notes that there are tools you can use to find copied items. Find alternative features so that your business' site only has unique elements. 

Write stronger titles
Search engines analyze almost everything, but some features are weighed more heavily than others. Titles receive a great deal of attention because they explain the focus of your site and its content. Keywords should be included in the title to ensure show that your pages are relevant to specific searches. Inc. Magazine notes that you can find your industry's keywords by looking at what your competitors have written. Additionally, the words should fit naturally into a title. Never force a keyword into your content because search engines will reduce your SEO value. 

Link to other content
According to Marketing Profs, internal link building is a common SEO strategy. The tactic can improve your ranking and help you generate new conversions. Link to other content from your advertisements so consumers can easily find additional information. There are simple ways you can use common marketing tools for link building. For instance, you can tie your keywords to product pages. This ensures that readers can research your merchandise directly from your blogs or landing pages. All of your content should include at least one or two links to boost the SEO value of your site. 

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