Opening your own company can be one of the most critical decisions you will ever make. If you’re considering the idea, you may want to determine if opening a franchise is the right decision for you. The business opportunity of opening a franchise is great if done right. There are 75 franchise industries available, which can provide you with the perk of choosing one that fits your particular skills.

The benefit of a franchise is that the foundation of the operating format has already been developed by the original franchisor. Everything from equipment manuals to service processes have been analyzed, documented and packaged for easy adoption.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a franchisor may provide help with finding a location, initial training and managing the various responsibilities associated with owning your own business. Not only are you benefiting from access to plenty of advice and documentation, but a franchise may reduce your overall investment risk.

By associating with an established brand name, you are gaining the trust of consumers hesitant to try a new service or product. The time-tested success of the brand will work in your favor by attracting new business opportunity and increasing profit margins. Instead of waiting years to develop a new recognizable brand and establish a customer base, you will have one already built in.

Benefits on the consumer side of an enterprise also concern business to business relations. Franchises provide you with pre-established and dependable relationships with suppliers. Small businesses will often crumble under the weight of finding the resources to supply products or services to consumes – not so with franchises. These recognized brands have pre-existing, reliable avenues for getting supplies, whether directly from the parent company or another venue.

Franchises provide a built-in support system that can significantly help a new owner hit the ground running. This part of the franchise is particularly useful to first-time business owners.

In return for all of the benefits of owning a part of the franchise, you may be required to give up significant control over how your business is run due to contractual obligations. However, many Americans likely feel this is a worthy exchange due to the number of name-brand franchises located throughout the nation.

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