When setting up a franchise opportunity, there are a number of ways owners can arrange the management structure and regular operations of the business. Kerry Pipes of Franchising.com recently offered her advice for those who decide to go it alone instead of teaming up with operational partners.

Bosses should remember that they're in charge and calling the shots, Pipes says. This means all employees and managers will be turning to them for answers. Operational issues, profitability, policies and procedures will also be their responsibility.

Sole owners and operators will also handle communications with the franchisor, and should be prepared to dedicate a good amount of time to the business, at least at first. The good news is that the time commitment and involvement needed from the owner will decrease as the business becomes more successful. Pipes says those who have the skills, discipline and desire to take on a franchise as an individual "can enjoy the power and reap the rewards."

For those who are interested in owning a franchise but don't want to leave their current jobs, there are opportunities available. In its list of franchise ownership myths, Entrepreneur magazine said a large percentage of franchise owners are passive instead of being full-time investors.

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