A franchisee has no guarantees that his or her business will be successful. However, there are several ways a professional can increase the likelihood that his or her company will thrive in even the most challenging economic climate.

Small Business Trends recently outlined a few of the best ways for a franchisee to achieve consistent success.

1. Focus on your franchise
Opportunities come and go, and Forbes magazine notes that many franchises have reduced their prices in the past few months in the hopes of attracting more small business owners.

However, keep in mind that all franchises require initial costs for a reason - these expenses serve as the backbone for your operations.  A new franchise can be risky, but making a decision based solely on a short-time fee-discount can be shortsighted and damaging.

Focus on the long-term mission for your business. Conduct plenty of research before you make an investment, and develop a game plan that features periodic milestones. Have an attorney review the Franchise Disclosure Document to make sure everything is in order, and when you're ready, dedicate the resources and time necessary to help your franchise succeed.

2. Promote your business
A franchisee might have an operating budget that is a fraction of what a major corporation spends on marketing, but a small business owner can attract customers using a wide range of tools.

The Frugal Entrepreneur recommends a blog or newsletter to help bring new visitors to a business. A single post can drive traffic to a company's website without putting a dent in a business' budget. Additionally, a franchisee can embrace the value of social media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote its goods and services. The internet is valuable because it is free and easy to use, so small business owners should explore web-based opportunities to increase their profits.

3. Display a positive image
A business operator can use information contained in a franchise handbook to ensure that his or her company meets customers' needs. A franchisee should emphasize completing day-to-day tasks according to this guide because the regulations and tips the manual provides allow the business to reflect a positive image.

Franchisees should consider their brand in their daily operations. Whether it's a blog post or a simple customer interaction, the actions of a business owner and his or her staff can impact a company.

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