The local media can make or break a franchise, as news outlets can reach a wide audience. Franchisees can provide media with press releases, but newspapers and online news sites might only incorporate this information into their stories if it meets the needs of their readers.

When a franchisee develops a press release that reflects the connection between its goods and services and its target audience, a business owner can expand his or her clientele. However, understanding the best ways to incorporate press releases into daily operations can be challenging for franchisees. Franchising offers the following recommendations on how best to share press releases with local media outlets.

1. Make it newsworthy
Give a local news outlet a reason to share your press release with the public. Try to find local news angles that relate to a newspaper or online news site's target audience, as this increases the likelihood that the media will share your franchise's story.

Additionally, include relevant information that will capture the reader's attention at the beginning of your press release. While you may want to share information about your company's history and its products, be sure to incorporate relevant facts only if they relate to the main point of your release.

2. Use simple language
Maintain consistent language throughout your press release. You'll want to avoid grammatical errors at all costs, as these mistakes can damage your business' reputation. Using a simple headline and sentences that are less than 25 words throughout the release can help make the press release easy to read.

Be sure to proofread your content before distributing it to local news outlets. Your press release should have a clear opening, include pertinent information and finish with a strong conclusion. Include contact information at the bottom such as a phone number, email address and other ways that a reporter or editor can reach you or another franchise representative if he or she has follow-up questions.

3. Distribute your release in multiple ways
Online distribution is often the easiest and most effective way to deliver a press release. You can conduct research to determine the best party to contact with a specific news outlet and email the press release to this representative. A public relations contact or business editor are commonly the best people to reach.

Follow up when you send your press release. You can call a local news outlet to find out if it has received the release, and can even offer to answer questions about your franchise.

Social media also provides plenty of marketing opportunities for franchisees. Sharing a news release with Facebook fans and Twitter followers could help your business attract new customers.

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