The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held January 6 - January 9, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. CES is the annual gathering of the latest and greatest in technology and gadgets, showcasing innovative items that are perfect for business users and kids at heart. Check out these top business gadgets that every tech-savvy entrepreneur will be dying to have this year.


Dell Latitude 12 Tablet

Dell TabletThe new 4K Dell Latitude 12 is targeting users of the Microsoft Surface. With the options of a 12.5-inch screen and a 4K resolution, the picture quality is nothing short of amazing. The price hasn’t been announced yet, however it is believed to be competitively priced with other 4K devices coming to the market. If you are one who’s usually tethered to your desk and need a higher resolution monitor, this could be the perfect tablet for you.

Photo Credit: Dell 


The Cube

The CubeMeasuring just five inches, the Cube by Rif 6 is a mobile solution for video projection. This small device has the capability of projecting a presentation up to 120 inches. The Cube is compatible with any HDMI/MHL device, and is pretty affordable at the cost of $299. This is a must-have for businesses that want to ramp up their online marketing efforts with audio and video this year.

Photo Courtesy of Rif6


TYLT's Energi

EnergiTYLT is known for making stylish wireless chargers, which is great for home use, but in some situations you need to connect multiple devices. The new Energi desktop charger allows up to five devices to connect at one time. It has four USB rapid charging ports and a fifth port that is removable and allows you to charge on the go. It includes a new technology call Rapid Smart Detect™ that is able to detect the maximum charging speed that each device can accept. This allows for the fastest charge possible. The Energi desktop is perfect for conferences and meetings where power outlets are a necessity.

Photo Courtesy of TYLT



iliIli, developed by Logbar, seems like a device right out of science fiction. Many are calling it the world’s first wearable translator. The device will translate what you say word for word and then voice it to those around you. If you work outside of the country, this device could save you a lot of time. It also could save the cost of hiring a human translator. If this device is accurate, it can be groundbreaking for international business.

Photo Courtesy of Logbar  


Netatmo Presence

Netatmo PresenceThe netatmo presence is an outdoor security camera that can differentiate between people, animals and vehicles. This camera provides a report of activity in the area and even records footage. The footage is stored locally or uploaded to your FTP account. This camera is perfect for offices that need enhanced security needs to protect important client information.

Photo Courtesy of netatmo


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