For potential business owners in the market for a franchise opportunity, research can be the most important first step to take. Before someone can become a franchisee, he or she must understand the various types of opportunities available to them, then choose which direction to go in.

The Oxford-Zeiss Content and Research Guide recently provided an overview of the types of franchise businesses available and how they work.

In a business franchise, the franchisor provides its franchisees with everything needed to sell its products or services to final consumers. Restaurants and travel agencies fall into this category, which is perhaps the most common.

An industrial franchise, on the other hand, gives franchisees the right to manufacture the product. And as its name implies, a distribution franchise allows for the distribution of the product.

Additional possibilities mentioned by the website include services franchises, corner franchises - which take place in a specific area such as inside a chain store - and "shop in a shop" franchises, which are integrated into another chain.

If research leads a small business owner to consider choosing a tax franchise, he or she should take into account the performance of each business. For example, Liberty Tax Service saw its system-wide revenues increase by 25 percent in the last fiscal year, and was the only one of the major three tax companies to demonstrate overall growth during the economic conditions of 2010.

The Liberty Tax Service franchise opportunity is #9 on the fastest growing franchises list of the 2010 Entrepreneur “Franchise 500.” Our tax franchise is an affordable and viable business choice. Each office provides thorough, computerized tax preparation coupled with superior customer service. For the best small business opportunity in the income tax franchise industry, choose Liberty!