Veterans, thank you for your service. We have found that military service members thrive with a proven franchise system and many have achieved financial independence by investing in veteran franchise opportunities with tax services. The government requires virtually every American adult to do their civic duty and file taxes. Last year, more than half of all individual taxpayers used a professional tax preparer. Tax franchises are a great opportunity for those who served our nation on the battlefield to now serve its citizens every day.



Veterans have shown they have what it takes to be leaders. The military goes through what many consider to be the best training that any company offers. Whether it’s delegating or leading by example, military veterans have the experience.


Running a business is much like a road march. It takes time and dedication but you should have a goal in mind. There will be bumps, bruises and blisters along the way, but when you put your mind to it, you reach the finish line. The determination of a veteran can’t be beat.


The Marines have a saying - Improvise, Overcome and Adapt! This is the attitude of a winning business leader. There will be unexpected situations that arise in everyday operations that are unavoidable. Your training will get you through.


Being a member of the armed forces revolves around the concept of service. Similarly, tax preparation franchises are 100% customer focused and dedicated to providing the best service. The goal of all employees is to give the best possible preparation experience by treating each and every customer with respect and appreciation.


To run a business is something that is not easy and does not come without effort. A franchise system allows for success by following the steps that are in place. To be the best it takes something extra. That passion and hunger is something that the military instills in its members. 


The franchise structure provides several resources and a proven system. It also gives you the freedom to be an individual, and that individuality is very important to the success of your store. In the military, you have to learn to be an individual amongst a brotherhood that is over 241 years old and has included over 57 million people. Making your business stand out amongst competitors is similar.


To be powerful is a big part of what the U.S. military is about. A tax preparation company can have a large impact on those they serve. Whether it’s the single mother who has fallen behind on her rent or the college student whose tuition bill is due, many people rely on their tax refund. Our tax preparers have the ability to improve the lives of those they serve.


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