Executive Team

Nicole Ossenfort, Chief Executive Officer

As a previous Area Developer with several Liberty Tax® franchises herself, Nicole has a wealth of experience in business management and leadership. Ms. Ossenfort also serves on the Board of Directors of Liberty Tax®, helping create and implement strategies that directly contribute to maintaining our competitive edge in the tax business.

Nicole is committed to maintaining our core value of happy, successful franchisees. She understands the tax industry, franchising, and what it takes to successfully operate a tax office because, unlike most CEOs, she has lived it herself.



Shaun York, Chief Operating Officer

Shaun York joined Liberty in 2003 and currently has multiple franchise stores in Tampa, Florida. He has been one of the largest 18 franchise entities and, for the last ten years, has also been an area developer in Tampa, Polk County, and Brevard County, Florida. Shaun was recognized by his franchisee peers as a top-performing Area Developer and received our Master Area Developer award.





Ryan Dodson, Chief Strategy Officer

Ryan Dodson has been with Liberty since 2003, when he started working for a Liberty Tax® office in Wisconsin. He became a franchisee that same year and currently has one of the top five stores in the United States. Ryan has been an Area Developer for three areas in North Carolina and Tennessee and has twice been recognized by his franchisee peers as a top-performing Area Developer.





Michael Piper, Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer for Liberty Tax Service®, Michael Piper brings more than 30 years of broad-based financial, operational, and strategic experience to the role. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Piper most recently served as Chief Financial Officer of privately held CDYNE Corporation. Before CDYNE, Mr. Piper spent 13 years at Liberty Tax®, with his most recent position as president of Liberty’s highly successful financial products subsidiary, JTH Financial, LLC. His other experience includes senior roles in accounting and finance with three publicly traded companies, as well as a stint with Ernst and Young.

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