Although Liberty Tax® franchise owners come from all walks of life, there are certain professions that also perform really well in the tax industry. Insurance is one of those professions. Successful insurance agents have a number of skills that transfer directly to owning a tax franchise. Below are some examples of the ways insurance agents can benefit from mixing insurance and taxes.


The Ability to Simplify Complex Processes

In the United States, both insurance and tax preparation involve helping customers understand the finer intricacies of a complex system. People seek out both insurance agents and tax preparers for the same reason: they need someone who already has the specialized knowledge they lack and can make recommendations and help them get the best value for their dollar, whether it’s through the money they owe or the money they’re paying out for health insurance, home insurance, or car insurance. For instance, many insurance agents have had to navigate the regulations of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on behalf of their clients and are likely to already understand how many of those regulations apply to taxes.


Resourcefulness and Problem-solving Skills

Each client is different. A successful insurance agent has spent time researching their industry and keeping up on changes to both their company’s policies and the insurance industry in general so they can give their clients the best information possible. This helps make sure their client, their loved ones, and their property are protected. This same skill will help a successful insurance agent become a successful Liberty Tax® franchise owner. The same clients who need insurance may also need someone to help them determine which credits and write-offs they qualify for.


Customer Service and Human Connection

Successful insurance agents are aware that providing quality customer service in turn creates loyalty in their customers. If the insurance agent then decides they’re ready to open a tax franchise, their customers already trust them and will be more likely to become a customer of their new venture as well.


Already Know the Ins and Outs of Business Ownership

Most insurance agents worked hard to build their own businesses from the ground up. Since they are aware of the work required to build a business, they can also appreciate how much easier opening a franchise will be. Franchises provide training, resources, and guidelines to make the process easier. An established insurance agent will appreciate the streamlined process that opening a franchise provides and understand the advantages of starting with an already-proven system and model.

Additionally, insurance agents are aware of the importance of having a trustworthy brand and how that can affect their ability to bring in new clients. For that reason, they will understand how owning a Liberty Tax® franchise will allow them to tap into the already-established brand that communicates professionalism and accuracy for its clients.


Appreciate the Advantage of a Shorter Working Season

Since most insurance agents have had to work hard to become successful, they will be even more likely to appreciate the advantages of owning a tax franchise that has a short yet intense high season. Insurance agents will be able to apply the work ethic they have learned in insurance to their tax franchise during high season and also appreciate the down time they will have outside of tax season.


Ultimately, insurance agents are ideal professionals to consider opening a tax franchise. Whether they’re looking for an additional opportunity in conjunction with their insurance business or are seeking a new career path, a Liberty Tax® franchise is an excellent crossover for insurance and taxes.



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