At the end of this year’s tax season, Liberty Tax® was recognized as one of the top multi-unit franchises. Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine recently released its list of the top 50 U.S. contenders, and Liberty Tax® came in at number four overall and number one for non-food service franchises. According to the magazine, Liberty Tax® beat out all its competitors as one of the best “multi-friendly” brands available, with more than 800 multi-unit owners among its franchisees.

Originally founded in 1997, Liberty Tax Service® is a publicly traded company started by John T. Hewitt, who still serves as CEO. With more than 4,000 offices in the U.S. and Canada, Liberty Tax’s® approximately 22,000 experienced tax preparation experts helped prepare tax returns for more than two million people last year, making tax season less daunting for taxpayers.

Liberty Tax® lends itself well to multi-unit ownership for three strong reasons:


The majority of people are required to file tax returns. Depending on income status, number of children, investments, and assets, doing taxes can be an overwhelming task. Liberty Tax® makes this process easy and fast — an advantage anyone who has ever done their own taxes will appreciate.

We believe that a tax preparation franchise will always have clients, regardless of the state of the economy. Whether the country is experiencing tough economic times or a boom in the market, many taxpayers need help with their taxes so they can claim deductions and credits to lower their tax burden. Owning multiple franchises will help expand your ability to serve a wider audience with the same great service.


Since income taxes are due on or around April 15 each year, tax preparation services experience a busy season beginning in early January, continuing through late April, and then quickly tapering off. This can be a major advantage for multiple franchise owners. The off-season gives them time to assess what is and isn’t working in the business and allows them to make improvements and address concerns in a timely manner. It also gives a hard deadline of when a new franchise unit must be up and running.

More Work for Valuable Employees

By owning multiple franchises, you’ll be able to tap into a higher caliber of employees than many franchises that can only offer part-time work with no chances for the employee to move up the ladder. When you have multiple units, quality employees will have more opportunities for advancement, such as moving from receptionist to tax preparer to manager. In addition, after consolidating your business expenses for all your units, like having a centralized accounting or human resources department, you’ll be able to seek candidates with higher qualifications than part-time workers.


Once you’ve opened one Liberty Tax® franchise, the steps to open a second or third unit are much easier because you can apply the lessons learned the first time around, thereby increasing the chance of success for each new location. To learn more about owning a Liberty Tax® franchise and why it’s at the top of the list for best multi-unit franchises, contact us now.


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