Franchise Marketing

Marketing at Liberty Tax Service is a systematic, comprehensive and interactive process designed to get and keep customers. As a franchisee, you have access to our unique strategies, and you will learn how to effectively use them to your competitive advantage. You’ll also learn how to gain brand recognition, accumulate customers, and, most importantly, generate revenue. 


We Provide the Right Tools 

Building a clientele is not a quick and easy process for any small business owner. No matter how good a product or service is, it won't sell itself. That is why we provide the right tools and teach you how to use them effectively to market your tax franchise on a local level. We are the leader when it comes to maximizing "top of mind" awareness in your community. We combine regional marketing campaigns with strong local marketing plans to help drive traffic to your tax office.


Our Marketing Leaves its Mark 

Our expertise in guerrilla marketing and neighborhood marketing sets us apart from our competitors. During tax season (and beyond), thousands of our employees dress up in our signature Statue of Liberty costumes and act as live advertisements for Liberty Tax. Our wavers can be spotted nationwide dancing, sign spinning, and welcoming customers to our local stores with enthusiasm. Their job is to establish our franchisees in their communities by creating an atmosphere of making taxes fun! This form of outrageous marketing is paramount to the success of Liberty Tax offices. We also host roadside parties, attend community events, and hold in-store promotions to build strong relationships. We show you how to attract customers to your store and how to help your community.


Liberty Gives Back  

Liberty Tax firmly believes in giving back to the community. Throughout the country, franchisees partner with local and national non-profits to raise funds and awareness for causes that are near and dear to their hearts. From Cell Phones for Soldiers ®, to holding appreciation weeks for our community heroes (teachers, law enforcement, etc.), our franchisees have a relentless passion for making a positive difference in their communities.

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