No Tax Credits, No Health Insurance

How Much Can I Make by Adding a Franchise to My Insurance Business?

This question is on every prospective franchise owner’s mind, but the answer can be elusive. As an insurance agent, you recognize the value of being able to offer tax services to your existing customers, as well as offering insurance services to your new-found tax customers. But no franchisor can l ...
No Tax Credits, No Health Insurance

Build Your Book by Adding Tax Preparation

As an insurance agent, you’ve worked hard to build up your book of business. And as you know, the insurance industry is facing many types of challenges ranging from diminishing commissions to increased regulations. This guide will show you why adding tax preparation services to your insurance busine ...
No Tax Credits, No Health Insurance

Saying “I Do” to Adding a Franchise to Your Insurance Business

Learn what it takes to succeed with business ownership. There are many advantages to adding a Liberty Tax franchise to your existing insurance business. But there are also many factors to consider before making this long-term commitment. Which is why we’re proud to offer you this guide to answer you ...
No Tax Credits, No Health Insurance

Opening The Doors To Your Franchise Business

What new business owner isn’t looking forward to that special day – The Grand Opening? It is day is full of festivity – the ribbon cutting, the crowds, the realization of your dream. Getting there takes curiosity, determination, and a steely resolve to find the best location for your business at the ...
No Tax Credits, No Health Insurance

4 Cost-Free (& 1 Low-Cost) Marketing Tips for Getting your First 1,000 Customers

Congratulations, you’re going to open a business. That’s a major step for anyone and one worthy of applause. Now that you’ve passed that milestone, it’s time to think about customers and how you’ll get them to use your service. Remember, you can’t expect the customers to come running just because yo ...