4 Cost-Free (& 1 Low-Cost) Marketing Tips for Getting the First 1,000 Customers

Learn Tips from Experts

  • Building Anticipation
  • Attracting Media Attention
  • Getting Social
  • Surprising Customers

Congratulations, you’re going to open a business. That’s a major step for anyone and one worthy of applause. Now that you’ve passed that milestone, it’s time to think about customers and how you’ll get them to use your service. Remember, you can’t expect the customers to come running just because you’ve opened your doors. You need to get the word out – well ahead of your grand opening – so customers know you’re there and that they should seek you out. It is also important to note that all advertising must be preapproved by the Franchisor. Here are 5 free and easy tips to get you started:



Develop a communications plan for your business. Your plan before launch should be designed to introduce you and the service you provide to your local community. It should include press releases, social media, and one-on-one interactions with potential ...


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