How Much Can I Make as a Franchisee?

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  • How Money Affects Business
  • Why Choose a Franchise
  • What to Look for in Disclosure
  • Why Talk with Franchisees

This question is on every prospective franchisee’s mind, but the answer can be elusive. It’s a big decision and an important question to ask because money is a central factor in any business decision. It’s no different when it comes to being a franchisee.


A Big Decision And An Important Question  

Money is a central factor in any business decision, and it’s no different when it comes to franchise ownership. The No. 1 question a prospective owner may have is this: “How Much Money Can I Make By Owning a Franchise?” 

The question is a good one, but prospective owners cannot and will not get an answer from the franchisor. Legally, the franchisor can’t make any financial claims about a prospective business. In fact, financial representations can be shared only in one portion of the Financial Disclosure Document that franchisors share with prospective owners. Besides, franchisors can’t wave a magic wand and tell you how much you’ll make in your first year of business, your second year, or even your 20th year. 

Your success will depend on many things, most importantly – you and the choices you ...


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