Opening A Franchise On The Eve Of Recession?

Opening A Franchise On The Eve Of Recession?
Three Ways to Forge Ahead and Finance a Franchise Business While the World Sits on its Money

Is the US Headed for a Downturn?

opening a franchise on the eve of recessionDepending on which economist you believe — and which data set they’re using for a yardstick — as of fall 2019 the U.S. is either beginning to tilt into recession or is chugging along just fine.

It ultimately doesn’t matter if you’re in the optimistic or pessimistic camp: Recessions are a cyclical reality in the US economy. The only variables are timing and severity — and your investment mindset and strategy. In this white paper, we discuss the outlook for investors who are considering opening a franchise and how economic news might impact your thinking and planning.

Key Takeaways

opening a franchise on the eve of recession
  • The importance of looking for resilient or recession-resistant investment models
  • The factors that make tax preparation franchises a durable option for uncertain times
  • Ideas for funding a franchise that have served real investors like you

"Among the foremost recession-resistant investment models? Tax preparation. The new refrigerator or sprinkler system can wait during recessions. The IRS won’t."

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