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    Read. Research. Review.
    Own Your Own Tax Franchise Step 1 

    They say the first step is the hardest but not with Liberty Tax! It’s easy to find out why we’re the fastest-growing tax preparation company in history. We have prepared over 12 million individual income tax returns and opened over 4,500 offices in 16 short years. If that isn't proof enough, Forbes claimed Liberty Tax as #7 in the “Top 20 Franchises for the Buck” in 2012. Liberty Tax has also been recognized by Black Enterprise as one of the “Top 40 Best Franchises for African Americans.” Poder360° also voted us in the “25 Top Franchises for Hispanics.” The accolades keep coming and we keep growing. Are you ready to join our success?

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    Step 2
    Let's talk. Drill Down.
    Own Your Own Tax Franchise Step 2 

    The next step in the process is even easier than the first. We learn about you. Tell us your future goals and expectations to ensure that Liberty Tax is the perfect fit for you. No strings attached. No promises made. Just an opportunity to ask questions and together explore Liberty Tax Service as your next step in business ownership.

    Let's Talk 
    Step 3
    Come to the beach.
    Virginia Beach Liberty Tax Franchise HQ 

    The final step in the process is where your journey begins – a journey to Virginia Beach, Virginia, to our company headquarters. Talk with current Liberty Tax franchisees and learn about their own journey. Meet the entire corporate team who will support you along the way.

    Liberty Tax is on a mission to be #1 in the Universe by 2020 and we see great opportunities ahead for Liberty Tax and our franchisees. Over the next few weeks, we will be selecting our new franchise owners for a 2014 opening.

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    Why Not You?

    You’ve dreamed of starting a business. So have we. You’re tired of working for others. So were we. You don’t want another job. We know how you feel. That’s why Liberty Tax Service Franchise has broken the franchising mold. We stand out in line. We make lots of noise. We drive our competition crazy. And we’re prepared to open an office every day, for the next year. Want in on our success? Find out how you can start your own business with a Liberty Tax franchise, today!

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