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Technology advancements

Technology advancements.

Best-in-class tax software, a new mobile app, and a franchisee-facing app, to run your business from the palm of your hand.
Full service back office support

Full service back office support.

Our team is ready to light your path towards a brighter and more certain future.
Dedicated marketing department

Dedicated marketing department.

Our marketing department will provide your tax office with the tools and support you need to have your best tax year.

Your Franchise Opportunity

Liberty Tax is the 3rd largest tax preparation franchise in the United States. We are a group of unique entrepreneurs, each from different backgrounds, but all with the same goals: to own and operate a successful national brand tax service with additional opportunities in the financial services sector.

  • Since 1998, Liberty Tax® has been an Entrepreneur magazine Top 500 franchise opportunity
  • Over 50%* of U.S. tax filers use a professional tax preparer
  • Some of the lowest start-up costs in franchising

*Source: IRS


Liberty Tax® Franchise Cost

Start-up costs for our franchise opportunities begin at only $58,700. That’s one of the lowest amounts in all of franchising, regardless of industry. Compare that with the average initial investment of $520,000* for franchises nationally, and you’ll see why our low-cost model is so popular.

*Source: https://brandongaille.com/19-demographic-statistics-franchises-and-franchisees


Reliable Customers in a Stable Industry

Why customer demand for tax services is consistent year after year:

  • Paid tax professionals are seen as valuable sources of tax advice and information by 88%* of American taxpayers
  • More than 50%* of taxpayers use professional tax preparation services annually

*Source: IRS


Real Reviews from Real Franchisees

Liberty Tax® franchisees come from all walks of life. No two look the same or have the same background. But they’re all looking for the same thing — a business opportunity with affordable start-up costs, steady and reliable customer base, profitable ROI, no experience required, and flexible work hours. Get firsthand accounts of what it’s like to be a Liberty Tax® franchisee.


Start a Franchise in Your Area

Prime Liberty Tax® franchise locations are currently available in your area. But with ideal market conditions and taxes being such an important industry, our franchises are selling fast. See what locations are still available near you and contact us today before they’re gone.

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The Proof

People Like You


Entrepreneurs Dreaming Big

“I started literally from nothing... At this point, I am 15 years in the Liberty system, I currently have 6 territories, and this year I joined the Million Dollar Club.”

- William Daniels


Veterans and an Effective System

“It’s a good opportunity for a veteran if you’re wanting to get away from corporate America... whether you’ve been in for four years in the military or if you retired from the military.”

- Joel Vance

From our Franchisees


Say hello to opportunity

Ted DeMarino, President and COO of Liberty Tax, discusses why despite the pandemic and changing tax laws, our franchisees had a fantastic year.


Say hello to financial freedom

Liberty Tax franchisees, Lillian and Dave Hillman, discuss their journey to becoming owners of 3 franchise locations outside of San Antonio, TX.


Say hello to happy customers

Liberty Tax franchisee, Thomas Henggeler, discusses his journey to becoming an owner of multiple locations in both Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS.


Say hello to the future

Liberty Tax Franchisee, Erin Daniel, discusses her journey of she went from being a tax preparer to becoming a franchisee Liberty.

From our Executive Team


Say hello to NextPoint

Brent Turner, CEO of NextPoint Financial, talks about the future of NextPoint, Liberty Tax and LoanMe.


Say hello to a Successful System

Cory Hughes, Divisional VP of Operations at Liberty Tax, discusses how he helps franchisees realize their entrepreneurial dream of owning a small business.


Say hello to Success

Brent Turner, CEO of NextPoint Financial, discusses why our franchisees are thriving as small businesses.


Say hello to Revenue Centers

Ted DeMarino, President and COO of Liberty Tax, discusses how by offering bookkeeping services, our franchisee can build a year round revenue source.

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